Sometimes it’s useful to slow down and look closely at what surrounds you. I will write about simple things that bring me joy. I like to wake up slowly and lie in bed for another hour, hug my children, walk barefoot on the grass, wake up to birds singing, swim, sing in the shower, fly in a dream, I like to sculpt crooked bowls, crumple clay and feel how elastic and supple it is, draw to music, look at the mountains, like a leisurely quiet morning, love to be in nature, it fills me and makes me calmer, I like new paints and brushes, old furniture and things with history that you look at and you can immediately come up with a thousand and one stories about her, I like to look at the stars and many more else.

Mugs for two In the photo, which can be bought in my store. By the way, I almost forgot, can you write 3 simple things that bring you joy?