About - Kiparuk Art  

I'm Artist in love with Ceramic and experiments.

   Welcome to my Kiparuk Art store.

   Everything that you see here is invented and created by me and is unique.I make ceramics in different techniques, really like to experiment, and draw my inspiration from nature. Here you can find a special ceramic gift made with love for yourself, your family and your friends.

My little workshop is in the basement of my house located in Colorado. This is a small, humble place where I create the things that you see in this store. I really enjoy making tableware with my hands, because I find special magic in it and I really love pottery. Sometimes I make my cups on a pottery wheel, and sometimes completely by hand (Handbuilding). I would be glad if you support my small business so that I can continue to do my business with love. I am always glad to see you in my store, and you can also subscribe to my Instagram to find out news about store updates and discounts.

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